Dor-en-Ernil in Tengwar Runes

Prince Arléod

1620 Arléod is born in Esgaroth.
1640 Arléod leaves Esgaroth crossing Mirkwood from east to west and back. With a few comrades he went down south to the famous land Gondor.
1641 The goups helps a gondorian Garnission to defend the hamlet of Tir Limleith when Orcs invaded the region. Then they go to Minas Tirith. Arléod saves the King from a Vampires assault and he fell in love with the wonderful Princess Merien of Dor-en-Ernil. Not being in position to marry someone like her he takes a job as Leader of the gondorian Ambassador in Maethelburg - far in the north. His best friend, a slightly easterling type named Toban goes with him as his Sergant. In winter they two make a short trip into Golbin Gate.
1642 In spring Arléod and Toban destroy a warmachine in Gundabad and flee to Fornost. The King of Arthedain gives Arléod the title of Roquen and a piece of land at the border to Angmar. He gets a few men together and they take the small fortress to guard the border. In winter Princess Merien arrives from Dor-en-Ernil in search of Arléod.
1643 In spring they all go down to Dor-en-Ernil. Arléod gets Banneret of Dor-en-Ernil and marries Merien. As a marriage present he get a "Neclace of Light". Arléod and Merien have two sons called Aradan and Arador.
1644 Arléod is thought to be a spy for Umbar. He flees and falls in love with Miruimor, the leader of a Necromancer outpost at the Dagorlad. Toban dies on the escape.
1645 Arléod is a member of the Laugashi in Gol Guldur, his daughter Narloth is born.
1646 Arléod leaves Gol Guldur as leader of a small group. A man who remembers his of his old friend Toban get his friend - and the simply calls him Toban all the time. They have some adventures in the name of the Necromancer (really no things one should tell ;-)
1647 Some adventures in the name of the Necromancer untill summer. Than they choose to work for another organisation, the Dragon of the South. Officially part of Saurons domain the leader Sangarunya is working on his own plans.
1648 They go north for the Dragon of the South. Deep in the mountain Gundabath Arléod meets a demon and strangely when the leaves the underdeep he and his friends are thrown ten years into the future.
1659 Back in the service of Sangarunya.
1660 Investigations about the Court of Ador.
1661 A sugeral operation heals an old wound at his back, but it takes the half year to recover and another half year to get the old stength again. The time is used to magical studies.
1662 Capture of the Citadell of Nazghul Arkorahil for Sangarunya.
1663 Time pass with planing further actions and magical studies.
1664 Arléods tries to find his sons Aradan and Arador. He follows then from Barad Nargond along Dunland to Amon Lind. Aradan tries to kill his father, Arador follows Arléod. And old dunlish fortress in Ered Nimrais gets a new base for Sangarunias operations in the north. Arléod works together with and elvish alchemist to develop his skills. Falling under the spell of an dunish evil cleric he kills his son Arador - and at this point decides to break with the dark side. In autumn Toban and Arléod travel east and discover a degenerated numenorian colony in the swamps of the Talathrant.
1665 Arléod efforts to unify the Lords of the shatted colony fail and he and Toban go back to Ered Nimrais.
1666 Two elves steal Ulukai - a powerful artefact from Gundabath, and Sangarunia and many others are eager to get it. He sends Arléod and Toban, who decide to help the elves to destroy the artefact. Still, they can not support them openly, but a couple of failed attemps to capture the elves get Sangarunia nervous. The artefact can only be destroyed where it was created - and Morgoths old stronghold Angband and a long jouney to the east begins. There they hope to find an entrance to Angband.
1667 The elves get the artefact with Arléods help into Angband and destroy it. In summer Arléod comes back to Gondor. He is accused for certain crimes, but Merien comes to the Court of Gondor and claims that the Prince of Dol Amroth (Dor-en-Ernil would be right, I know) is no subject to gondorian justice. Merien takes him to Dol Amroth and in autumn he is crowned as Prince.
1668 Arléod reorganises Dor-en-Ernil and gives it the leading hand it has missed since the death of the old Prince.
1669 Arléod invented the game Nen Dagor - a game where to opposed Squadrons (teams) try to make a point in the opposite harbor (in fact it´s a bit like Rugby ;) - a team consits of one Warden and four Wings (group of five) of which three are on the field.
1670 Umbar and Gondor are in war. Arléod and Crownprince Telumethar send a fleet and conquer Has Adri, An Sakal and Caras Mirilond (Kas Marzuk). After the fight Gondor leaves these parts again.
1671 Arléod goes north and visits Rivendell. Futher north he is ambushed by a Astrid, woman whos manor he destroyed while in Saurons service. He kills her and and finds out he had has a disabled daughter called Anthana. He brings her to Dor-en-Ernil where. He arrivres just after the selfmurder of his wife Merien. She fell under bad influence of Edhatariel, a close family member - and threw herself from the cliffs.
1672 Arléod banned Edharatiel from Dor-en-Ernil. He makes a journey to visit the Queen in Minas Ithil and meets also the mysic Rophire the first time. Arléod likes Rophire from the first days his eyes fell on her. An atempt to capture the town by the old queens seer Mirkano is prevented by Arléod.
1673 Arléod and a few other magic users found an organisation to find a way to immortality.
1674 High Warden Haldarion is killed by the Mor Sereg, an organisation from Angmar led by Arléods father.
1675 Arléod manufactures the Headband of Belfalas - the new crown of the Princes. Aradan - his oldes son - comes to Dol Amroth. Arléod believes him to be dead. Aradan takes the title of "Roquen of Arthedain" from Arléod and goes north, not wanting to be near the man who was the source for all the bad things that happed to his mother.
1676 Arléod nearly dies while trying to explore the secret of the "water of life". He is healed in Edhelond and after half a year of regeneration goes back to Dol Amroth.
1677 Another war against Umbar is won by the Gondor-Dol Amroth alliance.The Mor Sereg captures Arvaline and Arléod goes to meet his father. He finds him nearly dead and in need of Blood of his kind. Arléod gives blood to his father and goes back home with arvaline.
1678 Arléod establishes close contact with a Lord Arkhad of Umbar. They are both opposed the the umbarian Lord Borathos actions and suspect him to be allied with the Necromancer.
1679 A bigger organisation of magic users is established to share wisdom. The organisation is called "Magic Conclave".
1680 Strange occations happed in Gondor. Magic is officially banned by the King and the people start hunting magic users.
1681 Gondor gets a new Kings Commander - and many things change. He seams to concentrate all power without anyone having a clue. Propagand against magic user and a new secret police force called Cor Aran change the political climate in Gondor to the worst. Arléod and a few others rescue Quenn Mirien and Prince Telumethar from a bann and start to fight the new Power in Gondor: Gaebril Ruthion - or better called Ravin, one of the highest servants of Morgoth who secretly made hsi way to the top.
1682 Minas Ithil is under fire from the gondorian army, but after the guard of Gaebril was called back to Minas Tirith the army changes to side and joins forces with Dor-en-Ernil, the forces of Lebennin led by Telumethar and his general Belachel. While siegeing the Pelenor, and dunish army arrives at the Pelenor and gets destroyd. The defenders of Minas Tirith give up and change to the joined forces, Gaebrils guard gets destroyed but he can flee. Arléod helps Gandalf to spy Dol Guldur and they come back with the knowledge, that Sauron IS the Necromancer.
1683 Arléod marries Rophire, a mentalism user from Minas Ithil. There son Edrahil is born.
1684 Dor-en-Ernil and Umbar exchange Ambassadors.
1685 Arléod makes a journey around Pelargir, Minas Tirith, Minas Ithil, Eithel Thurin, Loand Galen and Sururi acompanied by his daughter Arvaline. The men of the prince lead armies in Harondor, Suduri and Tharbad as well as in Dor-en-Ernil and Gondor. He also meets his Ambassabors in Lindon / Fornst and at the gondorian Court.
1686 The prince send a delegation to Malkier (ok, whell of time is everywhere), a again rising realm north of Harshandatt in the far south. Secretly people are to strengthen the Free Troop, a mercemary army numenorian style set up by Arléod to support the southern realms Dor-en-Ernil is allied with.
1687 A magical neclace for his daughter Arvaliné is finished at the begin of the yaer. A festival of friendship for Edhellond is celebrated on midsummer. Afterwards, a group is send to Mordor to scout after rumors of strange things happaning there.
1688 Mirkano - since 1672 banned from Gondor - is back and trys to set up a base in Lamedon. Arléod sets up a task force to kill Mirkano this time. Dor-en-Ernil finishes the work of its first Palanrist. The young Prince Edrahil goes to Tolfalas and gets a branch of Oilosse.
1689 Arléod get infos about a group of people who want to gain the throne of Gondor. Mirkano was supported by them, and now the prince tries to get more information about this secret network. The Palanrist goes on its first journey - Prince Edrahil secretly gets on board. In november a secret family meeting takes place: Arléod, the Angulion (his father, leader of the Mor Sereg, Saurons Secret Service) and Sagarunia (former Warlord of the South, now officer in the Armies of Malkier).
1690 After some trouble in Umbar Dor-en-Ernil and Gondor capture Bard Harn, Angamaite catches Tolfalas and Mireador - now leader in Umbar - gives Tarondor one year to resign. Otherwise Umbar will declare war on Gondor. Arléod gets contact to the Taskral of Amrun. An Herald from Arthedain in order to ask for his daughters hand for King Arvegil.
1691 Arléod states an official alliance with Bur Esmer and the Dominions. A task force wins Tolfalas back and Angamaite is captured by the men of the Prince. In may he starts a journey to Umbar in order to visit Belphegord Durmerth, a Lord and an enemy of the dark forces in Umbar. With help of the Angulion gets rid of Dar Terem - the second force in the Mor Sereg. In Autumn he visits his wife Rophire in Minas Ithil. In winter Arléods works on reforging Orcrist for his friend Elendil.
1692 Arléod finishes Orcrist and gives it to Elendil. He is still searching for his wife Rophire, but has bad luck. In winter Arléod studies his ring from the guild of elements.
1693 Arléod travels with a selected group of men from Minas Tirith to Fonost in Arthedain. Priness Arvaline of Dor-en-Ernil marries King Arvegil of Arthedain. The day before her marriage Arléods tells his daugther of her grandfather - the Angulion, second behind the Witch King in Angmar. In Autumn he attends a meeting in Rivendell were he meets two aother beares of ring from the guild of elements. The winter Arléods stays with his dauhther in Fornost.
1694 In march Arléod starts his voyage home from Caras Celernen. In summer he has a negotiation with Telumetar and gets Tolfalas back to the realm of Dor-En-Ernil. In exchange the Dor-en-Ernil Troops in Harondor were cut to zero.
1695 Dor-en-Ernil lauches an attack on Ethir Harnen. Arléod men find out, that the relations Black Numonorians and Corsairs in this area are hostile.
1696 The old Kings brother Elatar, Commander of Harondor, seams to be under evil influence. Tirbelor Malred, High Noble and secret leader of the Rogues Fellowship has contacts in Umbar and even Mordor. When Elatar wants to get rid of the evil influence he gets killed. Arléod seamed to be the murderer, but he can proof his innocence. Malreds guilt could not be proofed...
1697 the sign of the black rose

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