player character / none-player character

Name Lvl Hits AT DB Sh, Gr WpnI WpnII Mis. MM Prof.
Arléod 30 173 No/1 45 - 200ls 120fl 120lb 30 Warrior Mage, Delver
PC / NPC Prince of Dor-en-Ernil sincd 1667 T.A. Born: 1620 in Esgaroth.

+45 Longsword Sûlhelka,  holy, highly intelegent, teleport in hand up to 200mi, cold crit equal severity for each critical hit, 3x hits vs creatures of fire, 3x day summon utter cold,: 10.000 cu' water to ice in one round or 100' raduis cold ball +30  6x hits range 300' or ice Bolt 600' +90  9x hits

Ring, Mithril with a clear stone, +30 DB vs magic RR in 30' Radius, 1 x round hast and ivisibility, 9x PP

Played by me. (of corse)
130 No/1 70 -
140ra 65MA#st 95da 35 Bard

Half-Elf, belongs to Minas Tirith family Harnastin, his mother kept the secret of the elfen father. Speaks Sindarin, Adunaik, Westron, Quenya, Apysaik, Usakani, Mûmakani, Adena, Betheur and Lochan. Devoted to Varda and the beauty of the Starlight. Born: 1645 in Anorien.

+30 Harp, Ivory with elven hair, remembers music,
+30 dagger, Ithilnaur, slaying deamons, finds deamons in 100'.

Played by me.
128 CH/13 82
Sh +15
148th 134ma 132cb 20 Fighter
PC / NPC Marhdimer Wolfslayer, Son of Tarhdimer. His grand-father Marhdain was a close friend of prince Arléod and a Leader among the Eothraim. His father is Theng of the Dor-en-Ernil Eothraim Cavalery.  Marhdimer was taken by Roquen Beregond as his Esquire and is well known for his superior ridings skill. He is also known for a special empathy to horses. Born: 1669 in Anfalas.

Played by me.
PL/18 45
205th 180cp 115Pbolt 30 Warrior Mage
PC / NPC Daeron of Malkier, Leader of the Dai Shan.

Played by Christian.
73 Ch/13 50
100sw 95da 100da 20 Dabbler

Mendril, Member of the Academy of Dol Amroth. Born in Minas Tirith.

Played by Christian.


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