Nen Dagor

Background of the game

Nen Dagor (S. water battle) is a rugby-like game invented in 1669 by Prince Arleod of Dor-en-Ernil. In Dor-en-Ernil the sea has political and economical significance. The game is based on the idea of a sea battle. The opponents opperate with units of players which represent a strategical unit of ships which is called wing in the Belfalas navy. The Goal represents the harbor. The aim is to score by hitting the harbor while guarding the own homeport - which is exactly what happens to greater or lesser degree all the time in the region of Belfalas, Lebennin, Harondor and the Fjord of Umbar.

In spring 1669 the first teams were build in Dor-en-Ernil. The game fast grew popular and in short time too many teams wanted to participated at the Princes Tournament. A structure with at first one, later two qualifying tournamnets developed.

In 1690 the game is played in many villages along the coast and even in the land, although the teams competing in the three great tournaments recruit themselves mainly from the Princes Forces. To a lesser degree also the guilds of wealthy Cities like Linhir and Pelargir have their own teams. For the common folk it is to expensive to take part in the tournaments without founding of their local lords. A rural village can not afford to send 21 men for two weeks or more around the country in may or august.

League Structue

1669-1680: Princes Division
1681-1685: Princes Division (Premier League) - Province Devision (2.League)
1686-1701: Princes Division (Premier League) - Western Division and Eastern Devision (2.Leagues)


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Princes Division results from 1669-1704

Nen Dagor Rules


A team consists of one warden and four wings with five men each.


field: lenght - 104m, width - 52m

harbor: height - 12m, width - 6m, cross bar at 3m


A game lasts 4 * 20 minutes.


The aim is to guard the own harbor (goal) and score points by hitting the opposite harbor with the ball over the cross bar. The warden guards the harbor and guides his wings. Three wings are on the field, one stays outside. The wings can be changed all time during the game, but they must stay complete. In half time the wings can be build up new. In case of an injury a wing has to play with less men. Wings opperate as unit. Most teams have one defence and two attacking wings on the field.

The game is only interrupted in case of a goal, an injury or if the ball leaves the field. After each goal the two teams meet in the middle of the field and the defended team starts with a new move. If the ball leaves the field the game continues from the field line where the ball left, the team which did not have the last contact gets the ball. After an injury break the game continues from the place where it was interrupted, two wings stand opposed to each other and the ball in thrown into the middle.


In a tournament a win scores three, a draw scores one point. The Western and Eastern Division play with 8 teams each. The tournaments take place in may. The two last teams of the Princes Division in the year before play in these tournaments with all the teams that did not move to the Princes Division in the last year. The winners move to the Princes Division in august. The trournaments change their location from year to year.

The Princes Divison always takes place in Dol Amroth in august. The tournament is played with 12 teams.

Nen Dagor Association Teams

Black Rose Dol Amroth

founded: 1669 - Chairman: Arleod Prince of Dol Amroth

Team of the Black Rose, Tirrim Eran of Dor-en-Ernil

champion: 1670, 1671, 1672, 1674, 1675, 1684, 1686, 1690, 1691, 1693, 1694, 1695, 1699, 1701, 1703, 1704

NDV 1669 Linhir

founded: 1669 - Chairman: Falmathil Warden of Linhir

Linhir-Regiment of the Dagarim Ernil

champion: 1669, 1673, 1676, 1678, 1681, 1696

Alliance Glanhir

founded: 1669 - Chairman: Helmprince of Gondor

Army and Milizia of Glanhir

White Swan Dol Amroth

founded: 1669 - Chairman: Camlin Warden of Dol Amroth

Guilds of Dol Amroth

Milizia Vinhir

founded: 1669 - Chairman: Lord Celduin, 1669- Marahil Banneret of Barad Methrast

Milizia of Methrast

Adûnaic Spathlin

founded: 1669 - Chairman: Veantur Warden of Spathlin

Spathlin-Regiments of the Dagarim Ernil

GSC Lond Linhir

founded: 1671 - Chairman: local Guild Leader, 1671-97 Arcambion

Guilds of Linhir

Wharf of Sarlond

founded: 1671 - Chairman: Arcambion Warden of Sarlond, 1671-97 Meldin Warden of Sarlond

Sarlond-Regiments of the Dagarim Ernil

Anduinia Pelargir

founded: 1674 - Chairman: ???,1693-1699 Belachel Lord of Lebennin, 1674-93 Telumethar Crownprince of Gondor

Gondorian Navy of Pelargir

champion: 1680, 1682, 1683, 1685, 1687, 1688, 1689, 1692, 1698, 1700

Go Ahead Fanuilond

founded: 1674 - Chairman: Dunsûl Lordcaptain of Fanuilond

Gondorian Navy of Fanuilond

1682 joined with Lordcaptain Lebennin, 1682-1689 as Go Ahead Lebennin

Lamedomia Calembel

founded: 1674 - Chairman: Lady Sernesta

Lamedon-Regiment of the Gondorian Army

Anfalla Haerlond

founded: 1674 - Chairman: Lord Curmegil Harnastin

Milizia and Western Anfalas-Regiments of the Gondorian Army

1676-1685 dissolved, 1691 dissolved

ASK Steel Ithil

founded: 1676 - Chairman: Sondinwë Rian

Noble Families of Minas Ithil

champion: 1679, 1697

White Tree Minas Tirith

founded: 1681 - Chairman: Telumetar,1681-93 Tarondor King of Gondor

Minas Tirith Regiments of the Gondorian Amry

NDC Anfalas

founded: 1681 - Chairman: Lord Harrondil

Anfalas-Regiment of the Gondorian Army

champion: 1702

Lordcaptain Lebennin

founded: 1681

1682 joined with Go Ahead Fanuilond as Go Ahead Lebennin

Ghostrider Erech

founded: 1681 - Chairman: Arador Mornan Prince of Erech

Erech-Regiment of the Gondorian Army

Kingsfaith Anorien

founded: 1681 - Chairman: local Lord

Noble families of Anorien

Tirrim Pelenor

founded: 1681 - Chairman: Captain of Pelenor Troops

Pelenor-Regiments of the Gondorian Army

Palanrist Andrast

founded: 1682 - Chairman: Er-Belezathor

Numenorian colony of Andrast

SET Veteran Harad

founded: 1685 - Chairman: Beregond Roquen Tirrim

Veterans of the Princes Harondor Forces

1694 dissolved (Princes Harondor Forces dissolved)

Red Star Umbar

founded: 1686 - Chairman: Lord Arkhad

Navy of Lord Arkhad

1690 dissolved (political reasons)

Stormwind Tolfalas

founded: 1686 - Chairman: Captian of Tolfalas Regiment

Gondorian Navy of Tolfalas

1694 dissolved (Gondor gave Tolfalas to Dor-en-Ernil)

Poroswatch Methir

founded: 1686 - Chairman: Captain of Methir Regiment, 1686-95 Lord Elatar

Harondor-Regiments of the Gondorian Army

Othari Amrûnaur

founded: 1687 - Chairman: Arankzhôr High Warden of Dor-en-Ernil

Amrûnaurs-Regiments of the Dagarim Ernil

Eagles of Lefnui

founded: 1687 - Chairman: Lord Naithan

Milizia of Nan Lefnui

1690 dissolved

Nimrais Ethring

founded: 1687 - Chairman: Local Lord

Milizia of Ethring

Geardili Pelargir

founded: 1690 - Chairman: Chairman of the Guilds Council

Guilds of Pelargir

Morthond Rendûl

founded: 1690 - Chairman: local Lord

Milizia of Rendûl

Orkan Tarthonion

founded: 1691 - Chairman: Imlach, 1691-96 Armarthil Banneret of Minas Tarthonion

Tarthonion-Regiments of the Dagarim Ernil

Dogornin Amon Eithel

founded: 1694 - Chairman: Calenorn Rian, 1694-96 Lord Elatar

Harondor-Regiments of the Gondorian Army

Eket Emyn Arnen

founded: 1694 - Chairman: local Lord

Noble Families of Emyn Arnen


Dol Amroth

build: 1671 T.A. - audience: 6000 - Dor-en-Ernil


build: 1671 T.A. - audience: 2000 - Dor-en-Ernil


build: 1699 T.A. - audience: 2500 - Dor-en-Ernil


build: 1676 T.A. - audience: 550 - Dor-en-Ernil


build: 2360 S.A. - audience: 8500 - Lebennin

Minas Ithil

build: 3350 S.A. - audience: 3000 - Ithilien

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