Archams School


Archams School is the best warrior school in Gondor. The Princes Roquen and the most promising young Adventurers are trained in various skills from warcraft and military organisation to geography and languages.

School Life

A course consists of up to two dozen students. Mostly one or two years are spend on Archams school.


Lv 17 - Ranger - Dunadan
Roquen of Dor-en-Ernil, brilliant stategist and teacher. A long time ago he went adventuring with the Princeīs Privateers.

Lv 14 - Fighter - Dunadan
For a long time he was the teacher of the Rosuldrie family. He percieves Swordfight as art and war as chess of the rulers. As he didnīt want to be a chess figure, he startet teaching the art of fighting.

Lv 13 - Warrior Mage - Dunadan
Four five years the served in the Gondor Tulkrim of the Tirrim Aran in Arthedain and even won a fight against the best fighter of the Hoerk, the Witch Kings personal elite guard.

Lv 11 - Fighter - Dunadan
One of the Princeīs Privateers, a romantic. He teaches sea lore and sea war tactics in winter, in summer he sails the Bay of Belfalas or even the Ethir Harnen.

Lv 9 - Fighter - Eothraim Woman
She teaches cavallery for small units and also serves with the Princeīs Eothrain mercenaries in Barad Rohallor. Her family was killed in a Logath assault in Rhovanion, she hates the easterlings bitterly.

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