Academy of Dol Amroth


The academy was founded by Prince Arleod in 1671 T.A. Apart from Minas Ithil it is the second place in Gondor were magic is teached quite freely. Dol Amroth is the center for Alchemy and Elemental magic. The center of the Adademy buildings is Minas Merien (named after the Merien Princess of Dol Amorth).

Special Books

The special book can be found in the Akademies Bilbiothek or in some cases in the private bibliothek of the Prince in the White Tower.

Myth, Philosophie and Religion of Far Harad
by Quendil Harnastin
Written between 1675 and 1682 it consists of eights books dealing with every aspect of the southern spiritual life. Inculded are: Ladnoca and Vatra-cult, the History of Junast, the Myths of Tresti, Iluva & Malkora-cult.

The Tounge of Harad
by Quendil Harnastin
A book about Apysaic and its dialects, included is an Apysaic-Sindarin dictionary

Walk between worlds private Bilbliothek
by Lardin Aril
Hard to understand, and a lot of it seams unreal. It tells about Thuriac Codya (isle of dark sorcery east of Womaw), Arg-Simorig (isle of clouds), Ulk Chey Sart (vulcano in Chay), Court of Ardor, description of Utumno.


The staff is listed in People of Dor-en-Ernil on the download-page.

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