Middle-earth is the world described in the books of J.R.R. Tolkien. His work is the basement for the modern fantasy novels and the ideas are adapted by many fantasy roleplaying games (e.g. Orcs are an idea of Tolkien, but modern fantasy barly can live without them). J.R.R. Tolkien wrote some books dealing with Middle Earth, and the languages of the people living there.
The Hobbit - or there and back again
Der kleine Hobbit
The Lord of the Rings
Herr der Ringe
The Silmarillion
Das Silmarillion
The Adventures of Tom Bombadil  

and many things later published by his son Christopher. The books distributed by Harper Collins (UK) really look best. They range from lost tales of the early ages to fragments of never finished stories.

Roleplaying in Middle-earth

Ironcrown Enterprices (ICE) has developed a FRPG placed on Middle-earth. The system called Middle-earth Roleplaying Game (MERP) is quite a simple kind of system - mainly useable for low power campains.

There are lots of backround stuff for MERP, describing the wonderful world of J.R.R.Tolkien, and expanding it to make it a more colourful world to play on - expecially far south and east the lands described by Tolkien.

MERP is a simple system, and soon there is the need to expand the rules to fit to your own imagination of reality in role playing. At this point I came to rolemaster. The 2.Edition modules of MERP contain Rolemaster values for NPCs and are designed to be used with RM2 and RMSS.

22/09/1999 ICE has after 18 years ceased the development and distribution of Middle-earth products. On 10/26/2000 ICE has closed it gates. Tolkien Enterprices as licence holder may now choose a new partner for Middle-earth.

Rolemaster is a rule system playable in any fantasy world. There is a special backround world called Shadow World. And it expands the rule system of MERP. There are rules for everything you can think of, and there is also no need to use them. There is a wide range of optional rules to fit every taste. Make yourself a rule system of your own!

You can use all the MERP material togehter with RM2 and RMSS!

 The german version of MERP is called Mittelerde Rollenspiel (MERS), Rolemaster also is called Rolemaster. Both systems were untill 1999 translated and distributed by Queen Games (Antwerpenerstr. 4, 53842 Troisdorf). The older stuff may still show the Logo of Laurin (1990-95) - or of the first german distributor Citadell (befor 1990).

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